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Winter lake

As a coach I am dedicated to helping individuals with their professional development, assisting them in achieving their goals, gaining self-confidence, and maximizing their potential.

Since I can remember I have always wanted to help others overcome the obstacles they face in their day to day lives. I have gone through many of my own trials in life and have found that there are some core mindset shifts that are key to overcoming the obstacles in our lives brought on by our own self limiting beliefs we've accumulated on our journeys. It's important to understand that the way we see the world controls the way we walk through it. I help my clients create dynamic changes in their lives by giving them new perspectives so they can break away from their current repetitious cycles they are caught in so they can then make the breakthroughs they need to achieve their goals. 

Positive Talk Lives

I started this series back in 2020 as a way to add some positivity and new perspective to the mix. I had originally made plans that year to travel to Europe as well as several other trips here in the US to collaborate with my fellow content creators. Since the pandemic put a stop to all travel I decided I needed to pivot if I still wanted to create the content I intended to create. In the beginning when I started this series with my friends I never could have imagined it would grow into the series that it is today. I've had so many beautiful conversations with some truly amazing people. I started looking for people who have a light within them who's stories could inspire and educate others around them. 

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