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Work With Me As Your Coach

I'm Drummond,

 and for the past several years, I've been dedicated to helping individuals like yourself harness the power of networking to achieve remarkable success. With experience speaking at colleges, appearing on podcasts, and several years of coaching people towards their goals through personalized strategic connections, I've perfected my approach at being a networking expert.


Having spent four years coaching corporate professionals in leadership development and with a background in diversity and inclusion, I bring a unique blend of expertise to the table. I understand the importance of cultivating meaningful connections across various industries and backgrounds.

Whether you're launching a new career, starting a personal endeavor, or aiming to advance in your current path, I'm here to help you navigate the networking landscape with confidence.


Ready to take your networking skills to the next level?


Let's connect! Click the button below to schedule a discovery call with me. I'm excited to help you unlock new opportunities and reach your full potential through strategic networking.


Why Clients Choose Me as Their Networking Coach

Lack of Confidence: Many individuals struggle with confidence when it comes to networking, whether it's initiating conversations, maintaining them, or presenting themselves professionally.

Limited Network: Some clients may find that their current network is too small or not diverse enough to meet their professional or personal goals.

Networking Anxiety: Social anxiety or fear of rejection can hinder networking efforts, preventing clients from making meaningful connections.

Unclear Networking Goals: Without clear networking objectives, clients may find themselves aimlessly attending events or connecting with individuals without a purpose.

Ineffective Communication Skills: Clients may struggle with articulating their value proposition, pitching ideas, or engaging in meaningful conversations, leading to missed opportunities.

Difficulty Building Relationships: Developing authentic, long-lasting connections can be challenging, especially in a professional context where relationships may feel transactional.

Networking Burnout: Overcommitting to networking events or feeling overwhelmed by constant networking demands can lead to burnout and diminished enthusiasm.

Limited Opportunities for Career Advancement: Clients may feel stuck in their careers due to a lack of access to mentors, sponsors, or job opportunities within their network.

Navigating Networking in a Digital Age: With the rise of virtual networking platforms and social media, clients may struggle to adapt their networking strategies to the digital landscape.

Balancing Networking with Other Responsibilities: Juggling networking activities with work, family, and personal commitments can be challenging, leading to feelings of overwhelm and stress.

Lack of Networking Strategy: Clients may lack a systematic approach to networking, resulting in scattered efforts and inconsistent results.

Difficulty Following Up: Building relationships requires ongoing communication and follow-up, which clients may struggle to maintain consistently.

Networking in New Environments: Transitioning to a new industry, city, or country can present unique networking challenges, such as unfamiliarity with local customs or norms.

Building a Personal Brand: Clients may struggle to differentiate themselves and stand out in a crowded marketplace, hindering their networking efforts.

Limited Feedback and Accountability: Without feedback and accountability, clients may struggle to identify areas for improvement and stay motivated to consistently network.

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