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Work With Me As Your Coach

I'm Drummond,

and for the past several years, I've been dedicated to helping individuals like you turn their passion projects and business ideas into successful realities. Over the past decade, I've perfected my approach to coaching aspiring entrepreneurs and creatives. My expertise has afforded me opportunities to speak at college campuses and appear as a guest on several podcasts, where I've shared my insights and wisdom with diverse audiences.


In my coaching journey, I've seen countless individuals struggle with transforming their passion projects into thriving ventures. Often, they start with big dreams but find themselves bogged down by unclear goals, unrealistic expectations, or procrastination. I've guided clients in setting clear, achievable objectives and managing their expectations, helping them start strong and maintain steady progress.



One client came to me overwhelmed by the details of their project, paralyzed by perfectionism. Together, we broke down tasks into manageable steps, overcoming their fear of failure and embracing feedback to refine their approach. Another client struggled with time management and financial planning, but with my support, they learned to allocate resources effectively, ensuring their project stayed on track.


My background in leadership development and diversity and inclusion has been invaluable in teaching clients to build supportive networks and seek collaboration, rather than working in isolation. I've helped individuals reignite their passion when interest waned and adapt to changes when plans needed adjustment.


Through personalized coaching, I emphasize the importance of celebrating milestones and maintaining self-care, ensuring my clients stay motivated and balanced. Whether it's marketing their project effectively or navigating legal requirements, I provide comprehensive support tailored to each person's unique needs.


By integrating these strategies, I've helped numerous clients achieve their goals and see their passion projects flourish.


If you're ready to turn your dreams into reality


Click the button below to schedule a discovery call with me. I'm excited to help you unlock new opportunities and reach your full potential through dedicated coaching.

As Your Coach I Can Help You With...

Setting Clear Goals: Struggling to define specific, achievable objectives?

Managing Expectations: Needing help to set realistic expectations for success?

Overcoming Procrastination: Finding it difficult to start or make consistent progress?

Conducting Thorough Research: Not sure how to thoroughly investigate your field or niche?

Embracing Feedback: Wanting to learn how to effectively utilize constructive criticism?

Avoiding Overcommitment: Taking on too many tasks and needing help prioritizing?

Improving Time Management: Struggling to allocate and manage your time effectively?

Financial Planning: Needing guidance on budgeting and managing expenses for your project or business?

Seeking Collaboration: Working in isolation and needing strategies to seek help or collaborate?

Maintaining Consistency: Having trouble maintaining a steady effort and making consistent progress?

Overcoming Fear of Failure: Allowing fear to hold you back and needing strategies to overcome it?

Combating Perfectionism: Getting stuck in details and needing help to complete tasks?

Acquiring Necessary Skills: Wanting to invest time in learning essential skills but unsure where to start?

Effective Marketing: Neglecting to promote your project and needing help to reach a wider audience?

Reigniting Passion: Losing interest or enthusiasm and needing strategies to stay motivated?

Adapting to Change: Refusing to pivot or adjust plans when necessary and needing help to be more flexible?

Prioritizing Self-Care: Overworking and ignoring personal health, needing guidance on maintaining balance?

Building a Supportive Network: Failing to build a supportive network and wanting to improve your networking skills?

Celebrating Milestones: Overlooking the importance of acknowledging achievements and needing help to celebrate small victories?

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